This site is open to anyone of all ages. It is very important that these terms are followed. Violation of these terms may result in your account being terminated without warning. We hold the right to update or change these terms as often as needed without notice.


We do our best to keep our site safe. We need your help as well. If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the administrators immediately for review.

  1. You will not bully, intimidate, or harass anyone on this site or part of any other site.
  2. We do our best to keep all security measures in place so the site is not hacked.
  3. We will not sell nor give away your information.
  4. We will not post spam, nor do we allow spam of any kind on our site.
  5. You will not post spam of any kind on this site.
  6. You will not collect other member’s information for any reason.
  7. You will not engage in anything unlawful.
  8. You will not upload or link to any virus or malicious code.
  9. You will not post content that is owned by someone else.
  10. You will not post unlawful content, hateful content, threatening content, adult/mature content, obscene content, discriminatory content, or any other offensive content.
  11. You will not request login information from another user, including but not limited to phishing.
  12. You will use language that is appropriate for all ages.
  13. You will not do anything that could disable or harm this site in any way.
  14. You will not offer contests, sales, or giveaway without approval from site administrators.
  15. You understand that we are not responsible for members or nonmembers who violate these terms.
  16. The people in this group may speak openly about issues in their lives. No one has permission to use this information in any way for surveys, grants, application approvals or denials, or any other purpose without the written consent from that person. Violating this condition is a violation of our privacy policy, terms of use, and a HIPPA violation.

Sharing Your Information

We do not give out or sell your content or information. It is your responsibility to only post the information or content that you want other people to know. Even when your content is set to members only, friends, or public, it is possible for other people to view your content and information. Do not post information that you do not want public. We are not responsible for content that is stolen, borrowed, or used without your permission.


  1. You will not provide false information, nor register for anyone other than yourself.
  2. You are only allowed one profile.
  3. If we terminate your membership, you will not create another one in its place without administration permission. If your account has been terminated and you would like to dispute it, contact the administration with why you want to dispute the termination and why you should receive your account back.
  4. You will not use our site if you are a convicted sex offender.
  5. You will not use our site to solicit other members.
  6. You will not sell your account.
  7. You will not share your account login information with anyone, unless you are a parent/guardian keeping record of your child’s account information.
  8. You will not transfer your account to anyone else.
  9. You will not use an offensive, or copywritten username.
  10. You will not create an account to post spam content, nor use the account to upload virus or malicious content.


Our site is free to anyone that joins. We have a donation button if you would like to donate to help with the cost of running the site. Donations are made through PayPal and all donations are used to cover the cost of running this site which includes but is not limited to registration and hosting, or marketing the site itself. We will never ask you to pay for membership of this site. Use caution and common sense when using this site. Never send someone a payment if you do not know what it is for, or why it is needed.

Advertising and Spam

If you run a business and would like to post a small advertisement, you may do so under the following conditions:

  1. You do not spam.
  2. You have permission from administrators to post your advertisement.
  3. You contribute more to the community other than posting advertisements.
  4. Prescription advertisements are not permitted.
  5. You do not post banner ads without approval of site administrators.

Any content that is thought to be spam will be removed without notice. Content with links will be monitored and possibly flagged as spam. If you feel your post has been flagged or removed in error, please contact us to dispute. We will review each dispute on a case by case basis. Spam is not tolerated and will be removed without prior notice. If you see what could be spam, please contact the administrators immediately so we can review it.


Basically, use this site at your own risk. We have the right to remove membership without notice for any reason that violates these terms. If you feel your account was removed in error, contact us and we will review the request. We do not guarantee that accounts will be returned. If you have any concerns regarding content on this site or about other members, please contact us to discuss. We are more than happy to talk with you regarding your concerns and take any actions necessary.

Using a member's information for any purpose without their written consent is and will be treated as a HIPPA violation.

Due to the high costs of maintaining the site, we are not currently accepting new users. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support.

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