9/25/18: So tired of health insurance. My doctor retired, so I had to find a new doctor. They can't get me in until the end of October. My prior authorization has expired. I have 5 days of medication left. Insurance won't allow the medication to be shipped until I get a prior authorization. So now I have to see if my old doctor's office will write up a PA for me without having me drive 4 hours to see them. I can handle everything about my diseases except dealing with this nonsense. This is what makes me depressed.

10/4/18: Update on my insurance dilemma: Haven't had my medication since Sunday night. No one wants to give me even a temporary prior auth until I'm seen. Old doctor's office - the current doctor is out of the office for a family emergency. New doctor's office - can't get me in until the 16th. PCP is working on getting me the Rx, but insurance won't cover it. Genzyme - welp, that's a bummer. Ask for a sooner appt if someone cancels. If this were insulin, I'd be dead. Nina at Shire would have tried to get me a free dose to get me through. I get it. We can go a long time without drug and be "ok". I get it, it's not serious like cancer or diabetes. That doesn't matter. It's not like we can sell the stuff on the street to get high. You think we WANT to be on this stuff? Thanks for letting me rant. Guess I'll be off it until after the 16th.

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