Me today:

Hey [pharmacy contact],

I'm due today and I never received my shipment. I don't have any text messages saying it was shipped either, but I don't know if my cell phone service didn't send one through, or I just never got one. Can you please confirm that it was sent out?

Thank you.

[Pharmacy Contact]:

My apologies Annemarie,

I downloaded you order last week and it should have shipped out of our facility last Tuesday, but, upon receiving your email I looked into the order  and it was cancelled. There are no notes in the system as to why the order was cancelled or who cancelled it. I have redownloaded the order to ship out today for delivery to you tomorrow. I am very sorry, as far as  I knew your order had shipped out last week.


Thank you [pharmacy contact]. Can we please investigate why it was canceled? Is there someone I can contact about this? I understand everything was set up as far as you knew, and I don't blame you, but I'd like to get some answers.
Thank you

I know I should lose my shit about this, and I am. I can't say it's my pharmacy contact's fault. She put in the order like she always has, and everything was set to go. Someone or something canceled the order. It's too late in the day to get any more answers, so it's back on the fucking phone tomorrow. I'd prefer to do everything through email because then there is a documented trail, so I will email as much as possible. I'm so mad, I'm in tears. Sure, it's my fault for not following up when I didn't get my package, but I'm living my life. I'm stressed with work, with money, with finding enjoyment and with dealing with my symptoms. I didn't even think about not getting my package. I honestly don't feel safe using this pharmacy anymore. I have no choice BUT to use this pharmacy, thanks to Fucktard Blue. Seriously, fuck you Florida Blue.

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