I don't know what pisses me off more: The fact that this is the second infusion pump to stop pumping mid infusion with the same lot number, or the fact that no one got back to me the first time about what to do if it happens again, or that I've been sitting here with a needle in my chest waiting to finish being infused with $15,000 of water before I can go to bed.

I have never, in my almost 30 years infusing, had a home infusion pump fail on me. Twice now, Homepump Eclipse infusion pumps with lot number 0202140711 stopped dispersing the drug. The first time there was only a few CCs left in the pump. Still a few hundred dollars, but there was nothing I could do. This time, it's almost half. It's at about 20 seconds per drip and slowing. There is no access port to get to the drug.


All I'm thinking about is how to get this $10,000 worth of drug out of this pump. Might have to insert a needle into the tubing. Not sure what will happen if I puncture the bubble. Don't want it to burst like a water balloon, sending $10,000 all over the kitchen. You'll see me with a syringe trying to suck up as much as I can off the floor, trying to keep the cats from walking through it.

Nurses don't know how to get the drug out of the pump either. It's not meant to come out any other way than the IV line.

Thankfully I-Flow has a 24/7 hotline for help. Just waiting for the nurse to call me back. She said she was researching it and would call me back. Time to write a scathing email to my pharmacy asking why no one got back to me when both me and my Shire case manager asked what to do if it happens again back in August.


So the nurse called back and said there is no sterile way to get the drug out and does not recommend puncturing the tubing or bubble because I risk infection and many other things. Also, I may not be compensated for the cost of the drug if there is any customer damage (my words, not hers) to the pump. Valid point. So good bye $10,000.

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