So I was supposed to start getting infusions at home this week but there was a miscommunication between my pharmacy and my doctor's office. Apparently the doctor's didnt send over a prior authorization to the insurance company, so my infusion was canceled. I'm still waiting to find out when I'm supposed to get my infusion.

To avoid the same hassle, her are some steps you can take to ensure that you have an easy transition from hospital to home infusions.

  1. Start your transition at least 3 weeks before your scheduled home infusion. It's better to start early and cancel a hospital visit than it is to miss an infusion.
  2. Find out from your insurance company all the documentation required from the doctor's office and the pharmacy.
  3. Contact each department every couple of days to make sure all the correct documentation is filled out and submitted.
  4. Always double check at least a week before your scheduled infusion to make sure you are ready to get your infusion.

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